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SF - Clear Coat

Toppco is an excellent water-resistant, clear acrylic sealer which can be applied to protect the finish coat and which also reduces paint absorption. This cost-effective sealer can be applied to coloured surfaces to stop chalking and reduce water penetration without changing the original surface colour. Formulated as an easy-to-apply seal coat this waster based sealer can be applied on bare concrete walls, unpainted masonry surfaces such as skim coated surfaces, concrete surfaces, brick walls, stone surfaces and other masonry surfaces.

Suitable for both interior and exterior application on top of skim coated surfaces in houses, apartments, warehouses and commercial buildings

  • Rapid dry
  • Water-resistant
  • Blister and alkali fume resistant
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy application
  • Water-based/Environment-friendly

Product Details

  • Colour:Milky-white
  • Binder base:Acrylic
  • Pigment Type:Clear
  • Solid content:19-20 by weight-%
  • Drying time :30 min at 25 0 C
  • Recoat time :After 2-3 hrs
  • Coverage:8-10 m2 /Ltr

Application Guide