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SF - ECO Coat

ECO Coat is a premium, low cost, premixed, water based, low –shrinkage finishing compound that provides a smooth finish.

ECO Coat is suitable for patching, filling cracks, holes, blowholes, surface imperfections and irregularities, skimming and general enhancement of surfaces.

ECO Coat is suitable for Interior applications.

Suitable Surfaces
Off-form concrete, cement plastered wall, concrete surfaces, ceiling sheet and gypsum board.

  • Higher surface bonding strength
  • Higher whiteness
  • Smooth finish
  • No cracking or peeling off
  • High filling capacity

Product Details

  • Color:White
  • Binder Materials:Cement and Polymers
  • Filler:Finely graded Calcium Carbonate powder
  • Additives:Polymers to improve Consistency, workability, water retention and adhesion.
  • Max Aggregate Size: <0.15mm
  • Density:1.10g/ml
  • Coat thickness:Max 2mm per coat
  • Coverage:1.0m2/kg/mm thick (Depending on the surface)

Application Guide