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SF - Texture Finish

This premium pre-mixed Cement-based texture finish is designed to provide a wide variety of finishes including splatter, knockdown, orange peel designs, etc. This easy to use and durable finish with high adhesive strength can be applied on moist and damp surfaces either by a paint roller or an airless sprayer on any plaster walls, concrete surfaces, gypsum boards, plywood surfaces, etc.

Suitable for both interior and exterior application on/in houses, stadiums, auditoriums, theatres, trade parks, hotels, apartments, commercial buildings, etc.

  • Water Resistant
  • Grater Adhesive Strength
  • Economical and Cost-effective
  • Durable

Product Details

  • Colors:White,Grey,Lime Green,Butter Milk,Blush,Midday Sky
  • Packaging:20kg bag.
  • Drying Time:7-8 hours (May vary depending on temperature and humidity)
  • Shelf life:24 months in unopened pack
  • Coverage(approximate):0.60-0.75 sq.mtr/kg (depending on the type of pattern,the condition of the substrate and application technique)

Application Guide