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FAQ- Skim Coat

A skim coat contains fine fillers, Cement binders & polymers to improve the workability & smooth finish.
You can apply SF Skim coat on the both interior & exterior surfaces.
Yes of course,
Good surface preparation is a must & it will decide the quality and durability of the finishing
A newly plastered wall should be left untouched until set hard,
Paint layers on the old surfaces/wall, should be removed using a scraper/wire brush.
Generally White & Grey colors.
But at the request of the customer, we can supply in 6 light colors as well.
Yes of course, You can apply SF Skim Coat on cement blocks without plastering,

FAQ- SF Wall Filler

A Wall Filler is a preliminary coating applied before painting. It ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection.
There is no need to sand the Wall filler every time, but, if you need an extra smooth surface before painting, you can sand the wall filler using very fine grit paper (#320) and light pressure to prevent gouging the wall filler.
Generally, one coat of wall filler will be sufficient for painting, but how many you'll need depends on the wall materials and the finish of the base coat.

FAQ- SF-Aqua Guard

Blind walls, Boundary walls, Clay roof tiles, Asbestos roofing sheets, Bathrooms, Swimming pools
Three coats.
The first coat should be applied with 2 paints: 1 water dilution ratio.
The second and third coats should be applied with 3 paint:1 water dilution ratio.
Here, the second & third coats should be applied perpendicular to the previous coat,
Paint should always be applied on a surface which is exposed to the damp conditions.
There’s no need to apply primer coat, SF Aqua guard itself has priming properties,